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Boy - 1 lbs. as of 7/15/2024
He will be a little guy who will need a home without small children. 


Boy - 4 lbs. as of 7/15/2024 
This boy is all love and will make a great
family pom with or without children. Just a ball of Love.


River X Marley    Born  May 7th 2024


Two boys are available for adoption.  Pet homes only as we only breed for ourselves and our future generation. Email us about the home you will be providing. Here are a few ideas of what we are looking for in homes.
Children? Other pets? Rent or own? If renting are pets allowed? Do you have a vet set up for a future puppy? One in mind if one not already obtained? I would like to know a little about you and your home. We have families full of amazing people that are all different so please know that we are not looking to judge and no one family is the same. Love, commitment and stability is our main goal for our pups. We want to try to match pups to homes we feel they will fit best to each personality to ensure a lifetime of love and happiness. 
                                              Kit Mattia 


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